How To Install OSMC And Kodi On Your Raspberry Pi


The Raspberry Pi’s very existence can be chalked up to creativity.  Raspberry Pi Foundation created the $35 Single Board Computer to inspire students to learn computer science and play with programs.

Raspberry help you to connect with various I/O Devices (Sensors,Lights,motors,etc..) using 40 Pin GPIO Ports.This help users to make a gateway between computer programming and electronic devices. You can control this ports using Python directly.


The popular Media Center operating system Kodi on Raspberry Pi has its own set of drawbacks and benefits. OSMC has a few key features that may draw you to it over XBian or OpenELEC.

One of the first things you’ll notice about OSMC is that, out of the box, it looks different. It uses its own Kodi skin, a lightweight one that helps keep things fast. The OSMC Kodi skin is kind of similar to Mimic, which is one of Kodi’s best skins, so this may draw you to OSMC.


OSMC is based on Debian Linux Operating System so it support  all linux command as well as you can install all applications like Apache,Mysql etc . You can also install packages required for GPIO Ports which help you to connect the electronic gadgets using relay.

How to Install OSMC on Raspberry Pi

Requirement :

1.Raspberry Pi

2.HDMI Cable

3.16GB Memory Card

4.Card Reader

Steps To Install OSMC

Step 1: Put your SD card into your computer’s SD card reader


Step 2: Download the OSMC installer

We’re installing OSMC on the micro SD card, not on our computer. So in this stage, we’re installing a program for our computer that will then install OSMC on the SD card. You can find the right version for your computer’s operating system on OSMC’s website.


Step 3: Run OSMC Installer and Install OSMC on your micro SD card

Step 4: Setup Raspberry Pi

Eject the SD card and plug it into your Raspberry Pi. Then make sure all your cables are connected properly – your HDMI cable, your ethernet (or Wi-Fi dongle). Plug the power cord in last.

Step 4: Boot Raspberry Pi

OSMC will set up automatically. Just wait for a while so that OSMC will automatically the format and setup the device, and then enjoy!